Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Our school district didn't have school on Valentine's Day. It was so nice to have the kids home and to be able to have fun all day long.
We worked on Valentine's for our neighbors and daddy.
Annie Devine!
Michael sewing.
He and Jaileigh each took turns sewing these cute heart pillows. We then stuffed them with candy and gave them to the neighbor kids, Sammy and Hannah.
I made the banner and the kids decorated the door for the neighbors.
Jaileigh, Michael, Annie, Anthony, Jakob
The heart pillows! They turned out so cute! Thanks to Google Images for the idea!
Jake was upset that I made a banner for Susie and didn't make one for our door. I told him I would make one if he helped.
Here is ours.
Jaileigh and Michael
I took the kids swimming that evening. Daddy was out working and didn't get home until 10! Good thing we did Valentine's in the morning!
Michael is my most cautious kid. He always has to have his puddle jumper on. Well, I forgot them. He was mad and wouldn't get out of the car. I left him and went to the pool.  A few minutes later he was fully recovered and came out.  I looked down in the pool and saw this kid swimming the front crawl, it wasn't Jake or Jaileigh or Anthony! It was Michael! I yelled at him and asked him what on earth did he think he was doing. He got the biggest grin on his face.  I should have ditched the puddle jumpers earlier!
Miss Annie
Jake the FISH!
The whole clan.
Jake, Anthony, Annie, Michael, Jaileigh
It was a fun Valentine's Day!

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