Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fairy Tales & Fantasy Ballet

BYU Ballet traveled down here to southern California to put on a show called "Fairy Tales and Fantasy Ballet". I bought tickets in December for 22 of us that are friends.  It has been the longest 2 month wait ever! Every weekend the girls asked if it was time for the Princess Ballet. FINALLY the day arrived! When they woke up they wanted to get dressed for the ballet. We had a church picnic from 12-3, I had a dentist appointment at 10, we went to a garage sale at 8 and bought books, and it was a very busy day!

Finally 3:30 came and our friends came over and we went to pick up our other friends. Michaela and her grandma Penny came with us and so did Dede and her granddaughter Kennedy. We went to Red Robin for an early dinner.

The princesses waiting to be seated at Red Robin.
Annie, Jaileigh, Kennedy, Michaela
Kennedy, Annie, Jaileigh, Michaela
The meet and greet with the princesses started at 5:30 in the lobby. We arrived at 5:26!
Dede, Kennedy and Michaela
Michaela, Jaileigh, Annie
With one of the princesses.
A Prince!
At intermission all of the little princesses and princes got to go on the stage and dance with the dancers. My girls were a little shy at first.
It was so much fun! I bought so many tickets for friends that our whole section was full of our friends. It was really fun and the girls had a blast!
Mike took the boys out 4-wheeling and then bowling. They had so much fun and told me that I needed to leave them with dad more. Before I left they were crying because they didn't want me to leave them, they wanted dad to go with the girls! I'm glad that they had such a good experience with their daddy!

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Carranza3plets said...

HI. I just came across your blog and read your story. Great story. It brought back memories, as we, too, saw Dr. Jacobson at Loma Linda!!!!! We had triplets in 2007. I still remember and am so grateful to him and his associates and staff. Congratulations! Your kids are beautiful and I 'm so happy to hear that they are healthy.
Have fun!