Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fozen Waltz

The kids school held a Daddy-Daughter Frozen Waltz the first weekend of February. At first I was only going to send Jaileigh but as I read the flyer it welcomed all daughters, so we sent Annie too. They were so, so, so excited! They weren't sure what to expect because they didn't know what a dance was. I told them it was like a ball on Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

Annie wanted "bug ears" in her hair and Jaileigh wanted curls. They both wanted make-up on.

Daddy with his two princesses.
I love Annie's face looking at daddy! She was so excited!
Daddy even had a special race car for his date. His car was in the shop and he was lucky enough to get this rental car. That just topped off an already perfect date!
Anthony wanted to come too.
See you later! Have fun!
Mike took these pictures with his phone. He said they had so much fun! They were the littlest girls there and just danced their little hearts out!
 You can see how little they are.
They had to get a picture by Anna and Elsa.
Olaf and Annie
Both the girls with Olaf.

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