Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas Again

Christmas morning the babies woke to new chairs handmade by Grandpa.
l-r Major, Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael, and Jakob

Michael trying on his new goggles from the tool kit Santa brought
Anthony loving his race car

and Jaileigh and the sweeper that is just the perfect size

Jaileigh modeling her new shoes and Daddy's favorite gift, the turkey fryer

Aunt Rori loving Christmas morning
Jake and the pink ball. Michael doing some squats.

Jake trying out the chairs
Big Mike opening his presents
The girls "8 cow wives" with our mirrors made by our dad and husband (Grandpa Tom)
l-r Amber, Tia, Rori, Grandma
I think I was excited about the shoes. Mike thinks I'm crazy.

more to come, hopefully tomorrow.

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