Thursday, January 28, 2010

1.5 years, 18 months, 547.5 days, or 13140 hours

That is how long these precious babies have been on this earth. Whichever way you count it, these are the best little blessings that we ever prayed for.

Happy Birthday little Quaddies!!!

So, to celebrate the day I thought I would share some of the things that we are currently interested in and doing. As mentioned in the previous past the kids love vacuuming. They also love helping mom clean. I will give each of them a wipe or a rag and they will help me clean. The love to take stuff to the garbage can. I think part of that excitement is the garbage can is outside so they get to look outside for a minute. When we are cleaning up they love to help put things away. Part of that excitement is the praise they get. They love being praised! Now with all that being said you probably think these are little angel children. HA.

They also love to empty all containers filled with toys, they love to throw every toy as far and as hard as they can (this is their fathers fault he gives them LOTS of praise for good throws), did I mention empty things, they love to make messes with their sippy cups, Michael is an expert at emptying is whole water sippy in seconds. Climbing, we have had to remove many pieces of furniture and legs to toys because of the CRAZY climbing that goes on here. These kids have NO FEAR!

  • They love to play outside. We were outside for over 2 hours yesterday and I didn't see one tear the whole time. Wonders!

  • They like to protect their sister.

  • They like to play cars.

  • They love to play with balls.

  • They love to hold Jaileigh's baby doll and give it kisses and hugs. Michael will even bounce it up and down.

  • They love legos.

  • They love tools!

  • They love spoons and forks. They like to feed themselves now.

  • They love their shoes because it usually means they are going outside.

  • They love visitors. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE visitors!

  • Love to climb on, in, over, on top of, under, boxes. Who needs toys right?

  • They love phones, real or play.

  • They love to share

  • They like to push things around, like their crib, high chairs, boxes, tubs, etc

  • They love to play with each other.

  • They love to kiss and hug. SOoOOOOOOOOo Cute! One of these days I will post video of it.

  • They LOVE books!

  • They love animals.

  • They love dessert! Sadly! They don't get it often but oh my they sure do love it!

  • They love brushing their teeth or anybody elses teeth.

  • They love jumping ( or bounce, bounce, bounce) especially on mom and dads bed.

  • They love looking out the windows.

They love to be held, cuddled, rocked, loved, kissed

  • They love to be chased

  • They love to be tickled

  • They love to be naked

  • They love bath time

  • They love to be independent

  • If you ask if they are stinky, they will grab their diaper, and turn around so you can check. If they are poopy, they laugh and run away.

  • They love music and songs with hand motions

Words they use

Bonk bonk, thank you, bye, hi, ball, mike, daddy, shoe, num num, puppy (sign), mommy, cracker, baaaa, mooo, oink oink, meow, roar, uh oh, cars, zoom zoom, cluck cluck,neigh, apple, book, more (sign), all done (sign), sssshhhhh, yucky, meeeee, Jakey, Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, tickle tickle, nose, they will point to various parts of their anatomy too.

Michael trying to escape

The boys all trying to escape
Jaileigh pulling a face


Michael and Anthony


Michael in his box- not a happy moment. He tipped over.





Jakey with his 2 golf balls




Michael- being somber

Michael tackling Jaileigh. Yes, he is sitting on her. What a stink! I quickly rescued her.

Jaileigh practicing her yoga

more yoga

Jaileigh and Michael have become the best of friends in the last few weeks. They love to kiss and hug. Whenever one of them is crying the other one tries to "fix" the problem. These two are so sweet. I love watching all of them interact now. They are so much fun! What a blessed family we are.

The formula boxes that are serving as toys and climbing gyms were donated to us by Abbott nutrition. We never used formula so we were able to donate it to another quad family. At 18 months old we are still getting this free formula. A very nice donation on Abbott's part. Now, where are the diapers? That would be awesome!


Kari said...

I love reading your blog and seeing what we have to look forward to! Free diapers would be HUGE!

Following HIM said...

Happy 18 months Michael, Anthony, Jakob, and Jaliegh! Congrats Amber and Mike for making it this far :)

Anonymous said...

I love you little quadies!!! Kisses and hugs to you all!

King Quads said...

Happy 18 months DeMaria quads. Seems like just yesterday. You are one amazing mom (and friend) and I am so glad we are on this journey together.

Loved reading the list. And the boxes...too funny. Could Jakey's eyes be any more beautiful? Then there is Jaileigh with her adorable the one of her blowing a kiss. Anthony's adorable smile makes me smile just looking at it. Michael has those eyes too - and he just looks like he knows how to have some fun.

Happy 18 months to four miracles!

Mitchell4 said...

Yay! They are all so happy and healthy. Mom and Dad are looking great too. That's absolutely a reason to celebrate. We love, love, love big brown boxes at our house.Quick clutter/toy pick up for Mom and hours of fun for the kids.

Amber said...

Thank you for all the Happy Birthdays! Love your comments! Jenn its does seem like yesterday!

L. Christensen said...

Happy 18th month birthday! Amber, they are so darling and your blog is always such a joy to read. The pictures are always fun. I feel like I'm watching them grow up. Thanks!


Bobbi Simkins said...

they are getting so big! we will definitely have to try and come visit this next time we come out there if they love visitors! im not sure when yet. sometime this spring or early summer :)

Bobbi Simkins said...

they are getting so big! we will definitely have to try and come visit this next time we come out if they love visitors! not sure when yet. sometime this spring or early summer probably :)