Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Happy New Year To All

This New Year was a little more exciting than last. Last year I think we all passed out around 8 or 9 and then were up again for an 11 o'clock feeding. Last New Year was a blur because of the sheer exhaustion. This year we celebrated as much as we could. We took the babies out in the yard to play, I picked some lemons for Grandpa, and then we went to the drive in movie. Yippee! We saw Sherlock Holmes and Invictus. I actually fell asleep during Invictus. I ended up being a party pooper. When we go to the drive-in we are able to take the RV so the babies can sleep comfortably and Mike and I can be comfortable as well. We have our own kitchen and bathroom. Aaaahhhh.

The Fabulous Foursome- Playing in the backyard. It looks like we have a nice lawn growing, nope its weeds. The babies don't care though. Jakob (with my shoe), Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael hiding behind Anthony

Anyone need or want lemons? We have tons, please come get some!
Anthony eating dirt. Yep, he really ate it.
Michael sweeping the yard
The Princess
Jake digging for rocks
Anthony fell asleep waiting for Mike one day. He climbed up on the couch and watched out the window for him and eventually fell asleep.
Michael got into mom and dads Christmas candy. Yummy and very messy!

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