Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is why Jaileigh never has bows on. . . Jakob attacking Jaileigh and Michael laughing in the background

The boys stole the cell phone. They love to tag team their mom. Michael, Anthony, and Jakob

Jakob pulling a move, or something?

Jaileigh dancing and Anthony watching. The babies LOVE to play on the couch.

Anthony and Jaileigh holding hands

Anthony being a little cutie

Michael tickling Jaileigh. The boys love their sister. They always look out for her. If she is hurt they all get worried looks on their faces and try to pat her head.

The kiddos playing in their favorite spot- under the table

Mikey- Ha ha mom, come and get me!

Cheese- Anthony and Jaileigh

Uh Oh

She's had enough.


Hilary said...

Too cute!!! :)

Sara Ann said...

Oh my word, they are so so cute:)

Cali Quad Squad said...

Those babies sure did steal my heart!!!!!! Sure didn't take long!

King Quads said...

Love those sweet babies, could they be any cuter? Love the one of Miss Thang throwing a fit...DIVA! Love it!

L. Christensen said...

I love your blog! It's my favorite and I love to see how much they've improved and grown. I don't know if you've blogged this lately - are they sleeping in the night? Or maybe I should ask - are YOU sleeping at night?

Take care,

Mary Jane said...

Amber, the babies are so dang cute! glad to see them doing so well!

Amber said...

LaDawn- the babies are just starting to sleep throught the night. I usually have 1 or 2 that still get up at least once.

Everyone else- Thanks for your sweet comments! We love the positives!