Wednesday, September 2, 2009

San Diego Road Trip

At the zoo we only got a few pictures and sadly none of them were of us. This picture is a picture of "tree lady" If you look closely you can see her face. It was the coolest costume I have ever seen. Mike thinks I should apply for this job and bring the babies along as barnacles living on the tree.
Here is the other zoo picture- Peacocks were wandering around the zoo. They were beautiful. When Jaileigh was younger she sounded like a peacock when she would cry.

We stayed in Chula Vista, home of the Little League World Champs, at the local KOA. For breakfast they had an all you can eat pancake breakfast. The 6 of us went through quite a few pancakes!

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Bobbi Simkins said...

hey i found your blog off of yvonne's. you guys went through so much! i love your blog