Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its Great To Have Family NearBy

Mikey, Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakey and Kelsey

Michael and the tubby belly.

Anthony pulling a funny face. He was running.

Jaileigh and her legos. She loves legos and cars, forget the dolls.

The boys club- Anthony, Michael and Jakey

Jakey and his famous grin

Jaileigh just being cute

Anthony mid-tantrum- I think he liked the audience

Attempting family pictures
Not working out so well

Nope still not working. . . .oh well

Our new found cousin Kelsey. She moved here from Chicago and found us. Its so nice to have family close!

Kelsey and Jakey

Michael and Anthony on the couch and up to no good. They are quite the team.

Jakey and Mikey

Kelsey and Anthony

Michaels "I'm cool" look

The adorable Haiwaiian outfits were given to us by our friends the Dunkleys. They went to Hawaii on vacation and brought them back. We Love Them! Thank you!

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jess said...

aw, i miss my favorite quaddies!! i'm gonna have to come visit soon! before they start talking in full sentences!! they are TOOOOO CUTE!