Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Weights

Anthony (birth wt 2 lbs 9 oz)
13 lbs 6 oz
25 in long

Michael (birth wt 2 lbs 11 oz)
14 lbs 7 oz
24 in long

Jaileigh (birth wt 2 lbs 4 oz)
11 lbs 15 oz
23 3/4 in long

Jakob (birth wt 1 lb 15 oz)
13 bs 8 oz
24 1/2 in long

We visited Dr. Berry the GI doctor for their acid reflux last week. He said they are doing well and was pleased with them. Last time we visited him he told me I could stop feeding the boys at night and to just give them water. He said 4 or 5 nights of water and they would quit getting up at night. HA HA that is funny. They LIKE water. They get up at night and drink water. The only positive that has come of this water drinking at night is I have extra milk. I still pump at night and stick it in the fridge. I told Dr. Berry that they liked water and he said "GOOD". AAAHHHHGHGHGHGH

Any suggestions for night sleeping (except for Benadryl and letting them cry)?

We also went to the eye doctor and none of the babies need eyeglasses. Hooray another blessing and miracle. The eye doctor did have something interesting to add to the whole triplet mix though. She checked out their eyes and then when she was finished she asked if the boys were identical. I said yes and she said that she could tell that Jakob and Anthony were because of the way their retinas are forming. For most of you that follow the blog you know that Anthony has brown eyes and Jakob has blue eyes. So this is yet another curve ball to the mix.

Mornings at our house-The 4 amigos in our bed. The first 2 meals of the day usually take place in our bed. YUMMY!


Hilary said...

How cute are they!! They are all getting so BIG! CUTE as ever! :)

Cochran Quads said...

They are so stinkin cute!! I know it's gotta be driving you nuts about the whole identicalness. Congrats on the great eye doc visit and awesome weights! Also, WOOHOO for still pumping/breast feeding, that alone makes you a HERO! Try a sound machine in their room, that always seems to help ours. If they wake up, we turn it back on and it just lulls them! Good Luck!

Following Him said...

I agree with Cochran quads, try a sound machine. It does work wonders :-) I can't believe their lengths or weights! Seriously! They are just so precious!

nennermommy said...

What little chunck of loves!!!! I am not one to give advise on the sleeping through the night it took Brennon until he was about 14 months old and I had to the crying thing. It was the hardest couple days of my life...I hate to hear them cry!!! Now he goes right down no issues. I hope you can find a great way. let me know? Love you all!!! Miss ya!!!

The Gerwer Babies said...

I swear by the babywise method, but its not for everyone, have you read it? My kids were sleeping 8 hours a night at 4.5 months and 12 hours at 6 months. Still good sleepers!!

Ana said...

Dear Amber and Mike
Anthony Michael Jaileigh and Jakob
Great to hear from you all!

We are just at the 29th weeks and anxiously waiting for the best time for the arrival!

Congratulations and keep in touch!

Hugs from,
Ana & Ado + 04