Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank You From All Of Us

We are back in California and wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our helpers in St. George. We were there for 4 1/2 weeks and every day that we were there we had the most awesome help! Contrary to popular belief that I can manage 4 infants alone, I can't! Mike and I rely on volunteers from our church and community to help us. Most of these people have no idea who we are, they are just good people that see a family in need and want to help. While I was at my parents people came in from their ward (church). I was so spoiled! Every 2 hours 2 volunteers came in starting at 7 am until 3:30 pm, then my mom and sister came home, then we had 2 more from 6-8 or 9 pm. Many nights people would just drop off dinner to help out. Over 400 service hours were calculated while we were there. Despite all the help I am extremely exhausted. I am not posting any pictures of myself because I look so horrible. I am praying that one day the exhaustion will go away and I will feel somewhat human again. That day will come right?

While we were there Diana Berry organized the volunteers and asked me if I could take pictures of the volunteers. She is using them to make a bulletin board for church. I decided to use them to say thank you! I didn't get pictures of all the volunteers but I did get quite a few. So here they are . . . . . Again thank you so much and I also want to thank our volunteers here in California. Now that we are back we are hoping to get back into the routine again.

Here is our thank you sign. Jaileigh was sleeping. This was the day she decided to take a 4 hour power nap. So I finally just took the picture without her. She says thank you too. (Anthony, Michael and Jakob)

Jeff Wilcox and a very sleepy Michael. He came with his wife for couples night. I can't seem to find Kaatje's picture?!

Our Aunt Tia reading to Michael. She came over everyday with her baby, Major to help us too.

Diane Maggard and Michael. She entertained 3 babies at once with her Donald Duck voice. Very talented lady!

Nurse Barbara and Michael- She came and gave the babies their Synagis shots while we were at Grandmas. Thank you!

Mandy Tenney and Anthony. The first time she came she stayed from 7am until 1 pm. She even washed my yucky Dr. Browns' bottle parts.

Lindsey Walker and Jaileigh

Our friend Lorna was over the MANY times helping and bringing us YUMMY food! That's Jakey all swaddled in the gown. Doesn't she look good at 7 am!

Heidi and one of the babes- Heidi came everyday that we were in St. George. She was amazing!

Lois and Jaileigh. Lois has a daughter that I went to school with, so we reminisced about the old times.

Judy and her little "Tony". Thank you for the adorable outfits!

Laurie Lundin and Jaileigh

Golda came by twice a week. She is holding Michael.

Cheryl and a baby : )

Heidi reading to Michael- The babies love books now.

Teri and Jakob- all the babies love Teri. She was so fun to be around. Thank you for the new PJs we wear them all the time. We even wore them to the dr because they are so cute.

Rey and his wife Lauralee came twice a week to hang out with the posse

This is Rey holding Anthony. I thought Anthony's pose is hilarious. He has his little hand up his shirt and he is so relaxed.

This is sweet Lauralee and Jakob

Donna and Michael

Geraldine and Jaileigh-Bug

Sue Nichols and Michael and Jakob-she came over a couple of mornings a week. What a trooper, I even have her multi-tasking!

And our famous organizer- Diana Berry and 3 of the crew. She filled in for people who couldn't make it and would pop in just to hold babies. We miss you!

Again a HUGE thank you to all helpers in St. George and in California. We love you and would not be able to survive without you. Someone the other day said, "You just have 4 kids, a lot of women have 4 kids!" I wanted to say "Are you kidding? You really think its the same?" I guess I wouldn't know since I don't have 4 kids at different ages but I'm pretty sure its not the same. So, another HHHUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE thank you to all of you who try to understand and are compassionate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


Karmann and Ryan said...

I am so glad that you have had such great help since the babies have come home. I wish I lived closer so I could lend a hand too! We love you guys and think and pray for you often! Welcome back home and I pray things continue to go well for you guys! Love you!

sharon said...

wow you guys are truly blessed to have all the help you did! that's how much people love you and the kids! man, i visit soon! jess told me she saw them last week and i was so jealous! we'll come over sometime soon and give you a break! =)

Sara Ann said...

How fun to see all of those people that I know! I was so grateful to be able to come a few times while I was visiting. Thanks for letting me practice with your babies while I get ready for mine! :)
Sara Schmalz