Tuesday, March 3, 2009

7 months!! Hooray!!

On March 1st the babies turned 7 months old. Michael and Anthony are getting ready to crawl and sit. Jaileigh can do the rolling and sitting up but prefers not to. She thinks it might mess her hair or her nails up. Jakob does not like rolling and complains when we make him roll and do tummy time. He does like to sit up though. I stopped giving them "food" for awhile because they were getting really bad belly aches and I have restarted and they seem to be doing better. This weeks food is Butternut Squash.

We are still here in St. George and probably will be for a few more weeks. Mike is currently job searching in California and we are giving him some time without distraction. His company did away with the division that he worked for so he was laid off. Please keep us in your prayers!

Jakob and Michael

Anthony giving his brothers a look.

We were trying to take pictures to send to daddy but no one wanted to be happy

Michael is trying to flirt with all the ladies.

Aunt Rori and Michael- best buddies

Jakob and Anthony in their Cubs gear

Rori and Jaileigh - having some girl talk time

Michael playing with mom in his skivies

Hanging out in the crib- the Crib Crew. Jakob, Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael

Anthony and Michael

I thought I would throw this one in for all the relatives. This is Rori in her Preference Dance dress. Rori has been such a livesaver to me. She is constantly making sure that I am fed and watered. When I need help in the middle of the night or early in the morning she is always willing to grab a baby. She does all this and is trying to finish up her senior year of high school. She is such a sweetheart. I love you little sis!


Following Him said...

Prayers pour out to you all as finding a job is not the easiet thing to do at all. The kiddos are so cute! Glad Rori is doing her sisterly duty and taking care of you :) Has she started a blog by chance? Just curious!

Cochran Quads said...

They are getting SO big! They are beautiful! Good luck with the job hunting, we'll definitely keep him and your family in our prayers!! Good Job Rori, I know I can't do it without my sis!! And I LOVE your name!!

Stephanie said...

Keeping you all in my prayers!! Love all the pics!

Fiori Family said...

HAPPY 7th Month Birthday go out to our "roommates"! We can't believe how big you guys are getting! You all are so VERY CUTE!!!

Mike & Amber, know we are always praying for you guys and we will be adding Mike's job search to that list! It is never fun looking for a new job. We have been down this road within the past year and it is scary but know God has a plan for you guys! We are keeping our ears/eyes open and will put the word out!

Miss you guys!! ~HUGS~

Misty said...

THey look awesome & HAPPY BDAY!!!

Karmann and Ryan said...

Cant believe that it is 7 months already!! O my!! They look so healthy and happy! What a blessing! You guys are in our prayers everyday and night! Love you tons!!!

Hilary said...

Wow 7 months already!!! Glad that little sis is such a big help!!:)