Friday, March 20, 2009

Reflux and Airplane Don't Go Together

A humorous moment (thank you Diane for reminding us to take pictures). Mike was being a fun dad and was playing airplane with Michael.

It could be worse . . . . it is breastmilk vomit so it doesn't smell as bad as formula vomit.

Coming soon . . . . . identical or not? We called the embryologist (we found out she follows our blog too) to ask about our identical triplet boys that don't look so identical. We have her answer and will share with YOU next blog. We also have new weights from our visit with our acid reflux dr. I will leave you in suspense. Until next time, Good Night!


Following Him said...

What a great sport Mike is though...sorry to say I am laughing!

Darcy "bow makin mamma" said...

When zander was a baby he did the same thing to Zach and the first thing I did when he said grab me a towel was, wait I need to get the camera! He was lessd then trilled but now we have the memory on film!

sharon said...

So are they or not? identical? please, post it soon! i'm so curious! btw, i love the pictures of mike & vomit. hahahah! I would have been like "oh, mike, are you okay?" (while laughing my butt off!)

L. Taggart said...

I remember my brother aiming at our dad's mouth. I think that's the only reason we don't have any similar picture for our kids.:)Glad to see all is well with you!
Love ya!