Saturday, March 28, 2009

Are They Or Aren't They

Very quickly I will give you the answer because I know you have all been waiting and I have three crying babies and one near to tears. We still don't know if the boys are identical. The eye color is really not why we doubt because eye color can change up to 18 months of age. All of our boys have their own individual looks. We talked to our embryologist and she says that there are 2 things that could have happened. Here they are:

1. The two eggs were implanted, one became Jaileigh and the 2nd split into the triplet boys. Because they were preemies they will grow into their identicalness.

2. 2 eggs were implanted one became Jaileigh and the 2nd split into twin boys. Then somewhere in there I ovulated an egg that was not collected in the egg retrieval and then that egg was somehow fertilized.

Basically it comes down to DNA testing if we really care. Right now I don't want our babies to have to get poked for the blood draw and it doesn't matter that much to me. I think that we received 4 miracles and I am just thankful that I have them. The scientist in me will probably win and I will have them DNA tested one day.

If you look closely you can see that Jaileigh is sucking on Anthony's toes while he is eating. Teething has taken over our house.

Jakob holding his own bottle. He doesn't do this all the time and for sure not when I want him to.

Anthony holding his own bottle. He is the best bottle holder and is becoming very independent. He will cry if he doesn't want us to hold him when he is eating. He is too busy looking around to be cuddled. He now rolls all over the place and is trying to get the army crawl down.

Jakob and Michael holding hands

Jaileigh Michael and Jakob hanging out on the couch. Michael and Jakey are holding hands.

Jaileigh being a little stinker decided to pinch Michaels chubby cheeks. He didn't make a peep, just let her do it.

Jaileigh teething again, on my nose this time.

Jakob and Michael socializing in their bumbo chairs.

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Fiori Family said...

The pictures are GREAT!! I think I'm in love with Anthony (maybe I favor the name?) I can't believe how big they're getting and how darn cute they are!

As for the zoo...Yes, sometimes I think I'm pushing my luck with having good kids! So far none of our "outings" have turned bad, thankfully! Once your ready we will have to get together and do an outing! Target? The zoo? YOU CAN DO IT!!! Let me know when you're ready and I will come out to you and we can leave from there! Maybe you, Mike and the kiddos can join all of us and we can head to a zoo for the day! Now that the weather is getting nicer it will make the day a little less stressful!

We miss you guys so much!! Can't wait to see you again!