Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Shenanigans

My yucky phone photos.

The girls were really interested in this show, "Ice Girls".

Boys at a scrimmage
Michael and Anthony


Early morning bike rides. The kids have been getting all dressed up and going on bike rides in the morning for their summer exercise.
Anthony, Michael, Jakob, Jaileigh, Annie

Jakob had an appointment with his allergy and asthma doctor in San Diego at RADY childrens. Jaileigh wanted to come with us. 

He has improved so much since his last appointment. He has only been taking 2 meds. His doctor said that was fine and even changed his nose spray to a lower one. 

Jaileigh and the famous homemade slime. 

She made nails with her slime

They figured out how to make themselves crosseyed.


We went camping for the 4th in Pio Pico. This pooch was worn out from all the walking!

My camping babies

4th of July fireworks from the back of the truck at the lake. 

We got home from camping and the kids really wanted to sleep in the tent in the backyard. 

We did it for 2 nights before I decided I needed a real bed to sleep in.

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