Saturday, June 17, 2017

Camping June 2017

Our first summer camping trip was in June and was with friends. I think it was one of my kids favorite trips because they had so many friends and a little more freedom than normal. There were 14 kids all within a year or two of each other. It was great!

Jaileigh climbing trees

Snack Time

Riding bikes was a favorite. All day long they were zipping around the campground.

Checking for belly button dirt! For some reason all the kids discovered their belly buttons had dirt in them.

Annie and Tyler

I think 4 of the 7 are mine

Annie with her friends

Tyler with the kids across the pool and in the pool


Michael and Sean

Michael with twins, Sean and Tyler

Boy talk

I really want to know what this story was.


Jakob, Anthony and friend Ezra

Eating dinner

Making smores- Annie

We want to fish!


Michael with his smore

Taking a time out for lunch and a movie

Jake, Tyler and Annie

Anthony, Michael and Sean


Sean and Tyler and Jake

I have no idea what he was doing! hahaha


He was tired!

Fishing time


We caught something!

Annie Grace

A crayfish

Michael, Jakob, Annie and Anthony

Our goose friend. He was right near our trailer. We said hello every time we walked in our out of our trailer.

Fishing line

The kids made this fishing platform with shovels. They were actually trying to make a bridge across the lake but we got in trouble by the rangers. They said we were disturbing the wild life preserve.

Michael and Tyler


Jaileigh and Cassie

She found a crayfish but she said something happened to it. Hopefully it fell back into the water.



Bella, Annie, Elizabeth, Cassie

The boys


Most of them are fishing with their homemade Tom Sawyer fishing poles. They loved those more than the real poles.

Our goose friend let me see her eggs.

More friends came to play on Thursday. We had 4 extra kids with us. The fun thing was, there was no fighting!

Someone brought ice cream!

Anthony, Maddon, Annie, Melanie. Jake




Tyler and Jakob

Last night there. All of our friends went home and it was just our family. Daddy came and played cards with the kids. He showed them all kinds of fun tricks.

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