Friday, June 2, 2017

Annual Princess Tea Party

We did the Princess Tea Party really late this year. I usually try to get it done in March or April because it gets so hot. With the kids changing schools it made things hard. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it because of the mess. My girls also didn't have princess dresses. They had outgrown theirs and weren't really interested in Princess things anymore. The girls kept bugging me so I decided to just do it. We made it a Princess Tea Swim Party.  

All the kids made a placecard and a hat when they got there. Thank goodness for helpful moms and dads! I was so thankful to have the handful of moms and dads that stayed and helped. 

Jaileigh burned herself with the glue gun. Her poor thumb was covered in blisters. 

One of my mom friends took pictures for me. I always forget and never get great pictures. I was so thankful for her willingness to help.

The tables.

Annie with her hat

Kimberlie, Johnny and Sienna

Table setting. I got the hats from the dollar tree, the flowers from Sam's Club and I arranged them in bottles left from Rori's wedding and past tea parties. All the table clothes were from previous years as well. 

I put the sand table up for the little kids but all the kids enjoyed playing in it. I hid little jewels in it. I ordered them on Amazon. They were a big hit.


Kids enjoying the pool.


Girls are so loud!

Sweet Kendal





Annie and her BFF, Reagan

Group picture with me peeking in the back.

Balance boards were fun too.


Adira and her mom lesley
Lesley made the cutest teapot out of a watermelon. It was beautiful and I am so mad I didn't get a picture of it. She always brings something so creative and time consuming. 

Annie and Reagan



I put up a photo booth for people to take pictures at after they made their hats. The wind was blowing and kept blowing it around. 

The boys came back from baseball and all the girl crazy girls went crazy. 

Moms taking a break. 

Making hats to the bitter end. 

Another tea party down. Not sure if we will have another one ever. If we don't then we went out with a bang. 

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