Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Riley's Farm Field Trip

The first grade gets to go to Riley's Farm. It has a cute area to show them how things were "Long, Long Ago". This was the kids first bus ride and they were so so excited. That is all they talked about for days.

Anthony, Kimi, Derek

Our friend Katie

Jaileigh with her friend Alyssara


Jakob with Jonah

4 1st grade classes went. 

He was telling them about the chores from long, long ago. Washing clothes, clothes, beating rugs (vacumming), and their homework on chalkboards. 

Doing laundry

Beating the rug

Dressing up

They each got to dip a candle.

They got to learn about being a tin smith. 

Hay ride with beautiful Clydesdale horses pulling. 

Class photo in front of the log cabin.

Hiding behind Mr Montoya (Sienna's dad that came to help)

Making faces on the bus ride home.

"sleeping" hahaha

Michael and Landin being silly. 

What a great day!

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