Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pioneer Day

The kids have been studying about "Long, Long Ago" in school. To close the unit they had a Pioneer Day. The teachers set up a General Store and the kids got to go shopping. Each teacher and class provided goods for sale. Mrs Duartes class made these lovely quilt squares, the cost was 4 cents.

Paper dolls were sold, boy and girl versions.

Sunflower seeds.

corn bread muffins

yarn dolls
Funny story about the yard dolls. Michael didn't want to spend $.07 on a paper doll so he bought a yarn doll for $.06 (all fake money). Then he talked his friend into trading him. He came home and was so proud of his trading skills. 



Jerky and slim jims

Frosted windows

Miss Jaileigh

Anthony with the ladies.

Jaileigh again

Jakob, friend Landin, Michael

Jaileigh with her friends.

Annie got to come to the special event too.

Jake and Michael

Anthony with his friends.

Jake and Michael were good buddies. I've never seen them be as nice to each other as they were today. 

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