Monday, April 4, 2016

Emerald Pools

We finally went into Zion. I can't even tell how disappointed I was at how over commercialized it has become. When I grew up in St. George we would drive to Zion, park where our hike was and hike. Now you have to catch a shuttle (our wait was 45 minutes), ride it to our specific hike, then we had to hike with the masses of people going up and down the hike. It was very sad to this Utah native. My kids had a blast! If we do go back I will find out what the off season is.

Even though I was disappointed in the over commercialization, I was not disappointed with the beauty.  

We always have to visit Grandpa Pops bridge that he helped build. 

On Grandpa's bridge.



Annie, Michael, Anthony, Jakob, Jaileigh

Annie, Jake, Jaileigh, Anthony

 At the Lower pools. We hiked the Emerald Pools.


Michael with his walking stick that he bought in Pio Pico. He brings it everywhere. 


Cute Jaileigh

My handsome men. 
Michael, Jakob, Anthony

With the girls now. 
Jaileigh, Anthony, Annie, Michael, Jakob



The Upper Falls


In front of the Upper Pools

Picture of Mike and I, complements of Michael

Jaileigh, Anthony and Jakob

A cool tree limb. It looked like the tree was starting to petrify. 

Heading back down the mountain. 

We had a great time despite the crowds!

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