Saturday, February 7, 2015

First BB Game & Partay!

First game!

Basketball was so fun to watch! My friend and I sat there and laughed and laughed the whole game! The age group is 4-6. Most of the kids have never played before.

Jake doing the beginning jump with Andrei Kirilenko.  That kid was sooooo tall and was so good. If his brothers and dad weren't tall just like him I would have thought he wasn't 6!
The only pictures I got for some reason.
Right after the game the kids had a birthday party to attend. Dougie from their kindergarten class. There was a bouncer to entertain the kids. I socialized with the other moms. Michael decided he didn't want to go so he stayed home with Mike.
The favorite part is always the piƱata!
Dougie knocked it over with the first hit. His dad tied it back up again.  
Jake and Jaileigh
Anthony talking with one of his friends.
Jaileigh knocked it off and broke it open.
Cake time!

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