Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's And 100 Days

The kids celebrated Valentine's Day the week after Valentines Day. The rest of the school had 100 Days of School celebration the same day as the Valentines celebration but their kindergarten teacher decided to separate it and wait a week. It was great! Everything was 70% off!

Valentine's Hats
Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob
100 Days hats. Annie has her Valentine's Day vest on from her preschool class.
Jakob was so funny. He took his candy and valentines and sold them! He walked up and down the street and sold them to the neighbor kids for $.10. Michael and Anthony made "potions" with their candy because their friend Adalia was over and told them that's what she did with her candy because they don't eat all those chemicals. Michael asked me after he had potionized all his candy, what candy he got to eat? Hahahahaha!
The kids quickly caught on to Jake's idea and opened up candy stores of their own, those that still had candy.
Michael was soothed by my phone.

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