Sunday, February 8, 2015

Late Gifts, Sisters, ETC

The sister missionaries eat with us about once a week. I have loved having them and just found out we will be getting Elders again. The sisters have been so good to me. They will come over and clean my house, do dishes, sweep my floors, entertain my kids, read with my kids and give me someone to just talk to and hang out with. Many days they have helped me with the various projects I have going on and have felt so overwhelmed with. They are definitely close to the Spirit and know just when I need them. I will truly miss the companionship, their beautiful Spirits and cheerful smiles in my home.

Sister Dirks is behind Jakob and Sister Cultura you can see by Michael.

For Christmas we got the boys a portable basketball system. I finally put it up while the tile was being ripped up. We were getting bored of staying upstairs the whole time. The kids didn't even know they had this gift because it was in the back of the suburban since Christmas! We never wrapped it and gave it to them. This was the perfect time to get it out.
Second practice.
 The girls were at their Daddy Daughter Dance so I took the boys.  We went out for Chinese food after dinner, their first experience. We ended up leaving early so I could take Jakob to the urgent care. His ear was hurting and I didn't want to go through a painful night. It was a busy week at the Urgent care this week! 4 times! Mike was out of time so 3 times without and the 4th time he was able to come pick the other kids up.
My kids are more comfortable on top of each other.
Jakob and Anthony
I made a new book bag rack. Let's hope this one holds up a little better than our last.

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