Friday, February 20, 2015

That's My Jam Dance Party

The missionaries came over one day to help me paint some shelves that we are building. By the time we were done painting the kids were stir crazy because they didn't get to help. We went outside and had a dance party! It was so much fun! I laughed and laughed until my sides were aching. It's s funny watching each individual personality come out.

Jaileigh helping Michael do the wheelbarrow.
Sister Dirks and Sister Cultura joining in.
They HAD to do wardrobe changes. Michael put on one of Mike's shirts and the other kids slowly raided their dress up box and the hat cupboard.
Lining the kids up.
Jake's turn.
Anthony doing a handstand.
Jaileigh's turn
Annie's turn included bopping people with this thing.

Jake got shy at the end and wouldn't dance anymore.
Michael was not shy at all!
The neighbor kids heard the music and we soon saw their heads peeking over the fence, asking if they could come over too.
It was so much fun! We mainly danced to kids songs and a few appropriate dance songs. Every song that came on Sister Dirks would say, "Oh yeah! This is my jam!" Then we would all dissolve into fits of giggles.

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