Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Memorial Pictures At Del Mar

Picture Overload! Warning- this post has A LOT of pictures. It will take you awhile to get through them. I just couldn't choose which ones so I put most of them on here. The beach is just too beautiful to not show and my kids were having so much fun!

My kids love laying in the sand, rolling in it, throwing it. Eeekkkk! It drives me crazy!
Anthony tried a little body boarding.
Daddy helping them body board.

I love this of Annie- HERE SHE COMES!
Here I am!
Jakob on the board.
Michael is so funny!
Ice cream break.
Back to the ocean.
Michael again.
Jaileigh and Jakob
Michael's hole was washed away.
Jakob trying to catch a wave.
and it's going over him.
There he is again.
Playing in the waves. I think this was Memorial Day. We were there Friday and left Tuesday morning. It was quite the stay.
The waves were pretty big and very strong. The kids had so much fun in them.
I stood in the water with them forever! Annie finally got cold and decided she was done.
Michael, Jaileigh and Jakob
Michael makes the funniest faces. He usually turned around and ran from the waves.
Jake trying to out run the wave.
Jaileigh pointing and laughing at me because I got hit by a wave.
Annie again.
There's Anthony!
Annie was feeling warmer and cheerier.
Anthony and Michael
Jakob and Jaileigh

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Ado said...

Nice picts! Enjoy the sun!
Ado & Ana from Brazil