Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week I was nominated as room mother so I was in charge of teacher appreciation week for the kids class. There are only two mothers that volunteer regularly and the other mom was over her older sons class.  We decided to collect money from the parents to buy Mrs. Sanchez a gift card to the movies and any extra money went toward an I-Tunes gift card. I put together this book for her from our family.
I asked each student what they liked about Mrs. Sanchez, what they would give her for a present and anything else they wanted to say.  I took their picture. I typed up their answers, placed the pictures in the document, printed it at Staples and then did the handprints.
I did one for Annie but for some reason didn't take a picture. 
The last day of Teacher Appreciation Week was her birthday. We put together a little party for her and presented her with the book and gift cards.
She was so excited!
She read the whole book out loud to the class.
It was a busy, eventful but rewarding week! I wish I would have had a cool teacher appreciation week when I was a teacher! Teachers put so much extra time and money into teaching, they deserve a huge celebration!

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