Friday, October 9, 2009

Michael Huston Came Home

Our sweet baby boy, Michael Huston, came home one year ago today. What a busy and eventful year we have had! Michael is now the bossy bully. When he came home he was so quiet and mellow. We called him "Mellow Michael". He sure tricked us! Now he is full of spice and spunk, and just plain full of it. He definitely keeps us busy. We love him and thank Heavenly Father every day for him.
Just a few days old in the NICU. One of his eyes was fused when he was born so it looked like he was winking at us.
A few days before he got to come home from the NICU. Look how small he was! He was the smallest boy to come home from the NICU and now he is the BIGGEST! This Halloween hat was given to him by one of his primary nurses, Jessica.

Jaileigh welcoming Michael home. She was so glad to have a buddy to sleep with. This was his coming home outfit.
Michael today- doesn't he look like he is planning something?
SO excited to be on the grass. The babies love running around outside. They get soooo dirty though so they don't get to do it very often AND they are hard to keep track of. : )
Michael likes to squeeze into small spaces. Here he is in my cooking pot. He is so proud of himself.

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Anonymous said...

What a lot can happen in a year! We are so grateful for the miracles we have been blessed with this last year! Happy first homecoming Michael! We love you and Jaileigh and Jakob and Anthony so much!
Grama, Granpa and Rori