Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oceanside Beach

On one of our RV trips we went to the Oceanside beach. The boys LOVED it and Jaileigh hated it. She did not like the sand getting on her and screamed until we wiped it all off with wipes. We have since been back to the Santa Barbara beach and the same thing- the boys love it and Jaileigh hates it. Lets hope she outgrows this!

Mom and the boys playing in the water.
Michael- as you can see, he tasted the sand. Yum!
Jakey and his big pile of seaweed. GROSS

Anthony and Michael


Michael and his friend the rock. He found this rock and carried it around for a long time.


Jake making a sand castle

Michael- the boys all liked the texture of the sand on their hands and feet. They would rub it around and squish it. It was cute to watch them explore.

Jake and Michael

Anthony and is first few steps. He was trying to figure out whether he liked it or not.

Jaileigh right before she started screaming. You can see the look of disgust on her face already.
Michael and Anthony. The pants they have on are size 3-6 month- sad I know. I need to go get them new winter clothes. The weather here hasn't really turned too cold so I am trying to hold out a little while longer.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Karmann and Ryan said...

Gosh, crazy to think the last time I was with you we went to the beach but no one could walk around!!! so cute to see them in the sand! looks like I need to send you some ideas to help descentize that little girls sences! I love the picture of her in the sand! Looks like such a fun time!!!

What are you doing for THanksgiving? Are you going to St. George? We will be coming like always and was hoping to see you even if it was for a short little visit!!! I would like to not go back till Monday but we shall see.

Hilary said...

oo cute!! they are getting so big..the beach looked fun :)

Marci said...

You need to buddy up with baby powder. That gets rid of sand 100Xs better than wipes. I know this, because Max is the king of dirt/sand eating! Wipes never seem to get rid of it all, but powder dries the skin so the sand just brushes off.

Funny that you have a prissy lady, you're so easy going. I'd blame it on Mike :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jaileigh! You are such a GIRL!