Friday, October 30, 2009

Moved- YUCK

Yes, we have moved. Oct 16 was the big day. Crazy, crazy, crazy! Now that its over I can say how crazy we were. We moved into a bigger house on one level with a HUGE yard. Our old house was a two story and was getting to be too hard. The babies love the new house. They have more space to run in and to get messy.

One weekend our friend Karen came over to help us pack. We put Mike in charge of the babies and Karen and I packed the bottom level of the house. Thank you Karen!

"The WALL" We built a wall to keep the babies and daddy blockaded. It worked well until the babies figured out that they could climb on it.

Daddy's tuckered out. Jaileigh must be too. The boys are anything but tired.

The babies were allowed in the kitchen when we had packed most of it and they had so much fun playing.



Michael giving us a grin.

Anthony, Michael and Jakob trying to figure out how to squeeze in too.

"Boys, what are you up to?" Jaileigh peaking around the corner.

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Cali Quad Squad said...

love the cupboard pics. I take it Jaileigh locked her brothers in. Finally she has the run of the house.