Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our 2nd Outing Together

We have all been out together before but I forgot to take pictures (of course) so this is the blog on our almost 1st outing. Our first real outing together was to the eye doctor. This outing was to the GI doctor. All of the babies have reflux and so we took them in to see what could be done for them. Thank you to all the mommies who are offering so much advice and sympathy. We appreciate it.

We took 4 adults and 4 babies, 12 pacifiers, 12 diapers, 8 blankets, 4 bottles, 4 car seats, 6 burp rags, 1 bottle of mylicon, 1 bottle of Tylenol, 4 granola bars, and 1 baby Einstein C.D.

The consensus on the doctor visit was we have beautiful healthy babies with reflux. A male doctor that can call my babies sweethearts and beautiful is always going to be my favorite. I love this Doctor! He was very knowledgeable and made sure that he had their whole history from birth. He asked questions and answered all our questions.

-Anthony has gained an ounce a day since coming home from the hospital.
- We need to give their medicine 30 minutes before they eat and we cannot mix it with milk, like we had been doing. The medicine is disgusting! We are looking into getting it flavored
- Jaileigh will be put on a 3rd medicine for her reflux
- Since they are all still gaining weight he wasn't too concerned.
- There isn't anything he can do for their gas issues except wait for them to learn how to deal with it. (what other mother can be excited that their kids learn how to burp and fart)
- They are all very good weights especially for being as premature as they were
-Developmentally they are at 2 1/2 to 3 months. This is really exciting because there adjusted age is 3 weeks old so they are ahead of what they are expected to be.

The appointment fell during a feeding time so it was good we had help.

Mom and Jaileigh

Toni and Anthony- Toni is one of our NICU nurses that volunteers her time to help us.

Auntie Diane and Jakob- one of our volunteers from church that has adopted us and we have adopted her. We would be lost without her help.

Big Mike and Jaileigh catching up on some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's. Yes, Mike shaved his head. He is competing with the boys on who has the least amount of hair.

Michael practicing his smiles


Marci said...

That's awesome! I complain that I have to lug 2 kids everywhere, I couldn't imagine having to orchestrate an outing like this. I am so happy you have lots of help, I think this is payment back to you for all you do for everyone you know!

Following Him said...

Oh how I love the smiles :) I am glad that the knowlegable doctor is now your favorite and was able to understand your situation. All I can say is hang in there and love on your precious kiddos!!!

Jenny said...

have you tried the Enfamil AR? we had to used that for reflux here and it seemed to help just enough. It will get better i promise! the reflux will be a thing of the past before you know it!
love ya

jennygranola said...


What beautiful babies! I'm so excited for you and so TIRED for you! I'm also so glad you have so much help. We have been waiting to send you a gift to see what you need... now's the time. Did you ever register anywhere? Is there anything you really need that we could send? Email me if you have time: jenholt -at- gmail

Lots of love!

Cochran Quads said...

So fun! So glad you have help!! The girls and I went to their eye doctor yesterday and it was oh, so exciting!! What formula are they on? My 4 year old had HORRIBLE reflux!! The Zantac helped and they flavored it with raspberry and an anti-tart flavor that helped! Good Luck! They're beutiful!

Amber said...

The babies are still on breastmilk. In the hospital they tried different formulas and nothing worked.

L. Taggart said...

Glad you are doing so well! Breast is best, what a blessing you are able to provide for them!!!! I was not able to keep up with it after all ours got home. Keep up the great work!

Love Lydia