Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can You Guess Who?

My Heart Belongs To Grandma

I Love Mommy

Grandpas Little Sidekick

My Heart Belongs To Daddy


Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHH WE love you little one's!!
Hugs and kisses to you.
Grama and Grumpa and Auntie Rori

King Quads said...

They are getting so BIG! They are so cute too...I love Miss Thangs little bows!

Erin said...

My guess is Michael, Anthony, Jakob, and Jaileigh.

They are so cute!

Hilary said...

Cute pictures!! those sweet babies are hetting so big :) have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving

Twingirl693 said...

Jakob, Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh

Following Him said...

Anthony, Jakob, Michael, and Jaleigh :) Looking fowar to seeing the answers!!!

Marci said...

1- Anthony
2- Jakob
3- Michael
4- Jaileigh (pretty sure I got this one right, at least)

Are things getting any smoother? Hopefully you aren't too sleep deprived. It looks like you get lots of help, although that probably just keeps your head above water. I'm waiting for the first of the year for Corey to regain his vacation days so I can force him to watch the kids while I come out for a long weekend to visit and hold babies.
By the way, did I tell you we're expecting again? Trying to catch up to you guys, I guess:)