Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wild 24 Hours

The whole 24 hour story is below these first few pictures.

Bad case of bed head! Poor Anthony

She loves glasses!

She wishes she had bad eyes so she could really wear glasses. 

Oh my Jaileigh!

Anthony in my tennis shoes.

Mike had surgery the day after my birthday. His 2nd surgery to try and get rid of his boulder size kidney stones. The first surgery was a not a complete success so they had to clean up the 1st surgery mess and work on the other kidney. Both kidneys were being invaded and beat up. 

The anesthesiologist looked like Josh Groban. He did not sing though. 

He was in surgery for 2 hours but the doctor thinks he got it all taken care of this time.

We got home from surgery and survived the night. Thank goodness for amazing friends. Dede was able to take work off and meet the kids at the bus stop. She took care of them until Mike and I got home. 

The next morning I was getting the kids ready for school and Jake told me that the bathroom was flooded. I went in there and yes, it was. The wax ring around the toilet went bad and leaked all around the toilet. I dropped the kids off, came home and ripped the wood out before it could spread to our hallway flooring. The really bad news is our flooring has been discontinued so we can't replace it. We decided to go the tile route, which we should have done in the first place. 

I then had to check these two boys out of school to take them to San Diego for their allergy and asthma doctor appointments. 

The good news was they are doing exceptionally well. Michael isn't on maintenance meds and Jake is on a lot but he is under control. Hooray! Poor Mike had to pick the other kids up from running club. I heard from the grape vine that he looked like death warmed over. Poor guy! Then he did baseball the next day, of course!

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