Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't wait to post these pictures until I catch up with everything else, so you get them early. My brother and his family and Mikes brother and sister in law, came to our house for Thanksgiving. We have had loads of fun and buckets of laughter.

Andy, Tia, Mike and I have had fun working out in the mornings. It's pretty neat to have a group to challenge each other.

Uncle Joe with his buddy Anthony.

Joe singlehandedly entertaining the kids and the dog!

My one creative contribution to Thanksgiving appetizers.

The boy table.

The adult and girl table.

Rizzo and the Mazinator.

Kathy, Joe and Annie

The boys have played nonstop baseball. Since there are 5 it's been quite fun.

Jake, Legend and Major





Anthony was mad at someone so he was in a self given time out.




Mike and Joe got tired of throwing to them so they split up and started throwing to each other.



The ball ended up in the pool

Annie and Maze have been the bestest of friends.

We decided to walk to the park.
Kathy, Maze and Annie

Love these two!
Kathy and Joe

Brothers, oh loving brothers.

the laughter! hahahaha

Sharks and Minnows.
We had some other friends join us at the park and then came to our house to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

I was trying to take a group picture. Didn't work out too well.

Ready, set, go!



Annie helping Maze off of the fence.



Maze and Jaileigh

Annie and Anthony


My little bitty brother, Andy

Annie and Maze

Kathy and Joe going home early. It got a little chilly once the sun started to set.

Mike taking a rest.

Playing duck, duck, goose.

When we got home we had more friends that stopped by. It was quite the busy house!

Annie, Fatima an Alejandra

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for our friends, family, Lord and Savior, Gospel, and our health. We are certainly a blessed people!

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