Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sensory Time

Sensory Time is one of our favorite places to play but because of the way the economy is right now they are closing their doors for good. I was really sad to hear that little bit of news. We had some passes that we had to use up so we went the Friday and Saturday before Christmas. The kids had so much fun and have already planned their next birthday party there. I didn't tell them that they were closing for good.

Annie in a barrel.
Annie and Michael climbing.
Jaileigh put all the balls in her shopping cart.

Michael getting ready to sneeze-- aahhhhhh- choooooo!
Annie on a balancing toy.
Anthony telling me that he wants the truck Jake has.
My beautiful Jaileigh is a wild woman! She was doing flips off of this thing.
No fear at all!

Jumping on the tramp.

Michael carried his mail around the whole time we were there.

Jake and his truck filled with stuff.


Anthony sat on this motorcycle for the longest time. All he wants for Christmas is a motorcycle (a real one). I hope Santa makes this child happy.

Jaileigh in the barrel.
Climbing the rope.

The kids LOVE this platform swing.

Annie on the swing.
Jaileigh and the spinning disc. She loved this thing. It spins in a circle, around and around and around and she just laughs and laughs.
Anthony calls this the M&M ball because its shaped like a peanut M&M.

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