Sunday, December 16, 2012


For the first time in a year, Mike and I went on a date without our children. A year ago we went to Mike's work Christmas party and that was the last date we have had. This weekend we went to a Mafia party with some of our friends. Mafia is a pretty fun and clean game that couples can play in big groups. Bill and Gina came down to babysit. Gina brought crafts for the kids and everyone had so much fun! We are so thankful for such great friends that are willing to drive to our house and watch our five hooligans! Thank you so much!

This is one of the cute crafts Bill and Gina did with the kids. They also made the cutest glass ornaments to hang on the tree.
Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, Jake (his tree fell off his picture so he was mad) and Annie

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