Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blessing Day- The Babies Are Named

On November 30th we blessed the babies in our church Relief Society room. Because of RSV season we weren't able to do the blessing on Fast Sunday in the chapel. We were going to do the blessing in our home but there were so many visitors they wouldn't all fit in our house. So, we decided to do it privately in the Relief Society room at church. All of the babies were on their best behavior. Jakob was a little fussy but over all very good. They were all little angels!

Andy and Michael, Amber and Jakob, Mike and Jaileigh, and Rori and Anthony

Amber and Michael, Mike and Jaileigh, Uncle Joe and his favorite- Jakob, and Aunt Katherine and Anthony. Joe and Mike are brothers.

Grandpa Tom and Anthony- his favorite. They had many hours of bonding time.
Amber and Michael, Mike and Jaileigh, and Grandma Mitzi and Jakob. Tom and Mitzi are my (amber) parents. This is a picture of a few of our helpers. They spend many, many, many hours at our house holding babies, folding laundry, washing bottles, etc.

Aunt Rori (ambers sister) and Michael, Amber and Jakob, Mike and Jaileigh, Aunt Tia and Baby Major, and Uncle Andy (ambers brother) and Anthony

The Whole Family

The WHOLE Family
Lets see if I can do this right
Grandpa Tom and Anthony, Amber and Michael, Andy and Jakob, Tia and Major, Rori, Grandma, Joe and Katherine

Mike and Jaileigh- she wore my blessing dress. Luckily my mom saved it.

Bishop Merrill Mike and Jaileigh, Granpa, Andy and David Ricks

Mike and Michael- Big and Little Mike

Mike and Big Jake

Bishop Merrill, Mike and Anthony, David Ricks, Grandpa, Andy

Mike and Anthony- he was being so cute. He is starting to be a real flirt.

Bishop Merrill, Mike and Jake, Grandpa, Andy, and David Ricks

This is a collage that one of our NICU nurses made for us. What a wonderful gift! We love it and display it in our home. Thank you Sharon (Nurse LEE-LEE)


Sammy'smommy said...

Love the collage. The babies are so beautiful. Been following your blog since befor you had them. So glad that your blessing day went well. Congratulations. You have a beautiful family

Following Him said...

PRECIOUS babies!!! Glad you were able to *enjoy* while out with the babies :)

Stephanie said...

The babies look precious!! Love the collage!!!

Sara Tyre said...

What a great event. i remember when we blessed our babies in our small branch. Our families packed the whole building up. Great moments. They are very cute and look well. Love your letter on RSV. Very good at explaining it. We limited our outings to only doc vist's and everyone that came over had to wash their hands as well and have had a flu shot as well. You were very well at explaining the situation I am sure many will understand. We had Santa come to our home when we could not take the babies out. Fun! Keep up the great work!

sharon said...

i still remember that day we took pictures in the hospital. jaileigh was the star of that shoot! i bet it's not easy to hold all 4 like it used to be back then. just looking at these pictures reminds me of just how little and precious they were. and that is so special that jaileigh got to wear your blessing dress that your mom saved! so sentimental!

Arnold Quads said...

What a wonderful experience for a Father! I remember when Matt blessed ours a little over a year ago and it was such a special day. Its something that very few people get to experience.