Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cub Scouts

We recently had Pack Meeting for the boys Cub Scouts. They received 4 merit badges and their Bobcat advancement.

The activity was Fear Factor.

This one was do you have a raw egg or a boiled egg? They had to each take an egg and then crack it on their head. All the eggs were boiled. It didn't stop Jaileigh from rubbing the egg in her hair though. So gross!

Eating frog eggs (tapioca pudding)
The boys really thought it was frog eyes though.

Digging for worms through pudding. Luckily the worms were gummy and not real.

Getting their Cyber badge with their friend Beckham.
Jake, Anthony, Michael

They picked a funny cheer to do.

Pinning my pins on.

Part of the pinning for the Bobcat is upside down pinning. When they do a good deed they can turn their pin right side up.

"Which one first?"
I was also wondering if Mike could lift hefty Jake. He's had some medical problems lately and been in a lot of pain. He rolled his eyes at me and said of course he could lift him.

Michael was first

Then Anthony

Finally Jake


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