Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Princess Tea Party!

The annual Princess Tea Party was held last Friday, May 13th. This year it was even bigger and better than last year. The usual tradition is to just invite the original Transitional Kindergarten (TK) girls with an additional few. This year, for reasons unknown, I invited all of girls in Annie's class and all of the girls in Jaileigh's class, plus all of the TK girls. There was a total of 45 invitations sent out. I have to admit, I panicked! How was I going to get 45 tea cups! I rounded up as many as I could and could only find 38. It turned out I had 30 girls come. We had plenty of tea cups and loads of fun!

I got a little into the baking this year. 
The marshmallows were the absolute favorite! The kids were complaining that I didn't make enough. 

Loads of cupcakes!

This was the aftermath of the party. Not too bad! Only one tea cup was broken. That is pretty good after 3 years of tea parties. 

Our wonderful friend Kevin came and took pictures. He sent me these two beautiful pictures. Aren't these two so beautiful!


I love them so much!


Here is a great phone picture from the end of the day. hahahaha!

Until next year! 

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