Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sea World Field Trip

A mom in our local church playgroup organized a field trip to Sea World. There were 100 of us that went in our group. It was amazing! We were able to get tickets for $6.50 each. Even better, we got into the park an hour earlier than everyone else and we got a day of school excused. Since our passes expired last year we have really missed Sea World.

Michael was mad because he wanted a picture all by himself.

Anthony, Annie, Michael, Jake, Jaileigh

There's his picture all alone!


A penguin swimming. I was amazed at how much it looked like a duck.

Annie's hand with the polar bear. 

Jaileigh and Michael watching the polar bear.

The Beluga whales were so cute!

They would swim by the window and say hi to us. 

The Killer Whale show that was especially for field trip was really boring the kids said. 

They were disappointed they didn't get really, really wet. 

We remedied that when we went on the raft ride! 
Poor Jaileigh was soaked!



Michael and Jake

It was the best Sea World trip yet!

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