Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The girls can't seem to find the niche. We've done dance but decided to take a break. I feel like all the dance studios just want to suck money out of you. $100 for a tutu costume, come on! We tried boys and girls club but it was mostly tap and I would like more than that. They are doing tumbling now and are really enjoying that. Mike got them gloves because he wanted them to do softball. They wouldn't do it unless he coached. We signed them up for AYSO and they decided no they didn't want to do that. Then our neighbor said she was going to do soccer at the boys and girls club and they decided they wanted to to do that too. I'll take $50 over $200/kid anyday!

The first day of assessments Annie decided she didn't want to play. whoo hoo!

so Jaileigh is playing soccer with her friend.

I love her enthusiasm!

Annie sat down, took her shoes and socks and shin guards off. She was not going to get tricked into playing!


She loves the boys. I think she is more comfortable with them because has three brothers. She talks to them at soccer, sits by them on the bus, plays with them at recess. I'm wondering if I should be worried.

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