Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Funny Phone Pictures

Michael is always doing funny dances

Jaileigh with her favorite popcorn snack

Goofy Roxy

Jaileigh got stung by a bee on her chin. It was stuck on her chin and I had to pull it out. 

We had a fun campfire in the backyard.


Relaxing with the puppy

Annie lost two teeth and 3 teeth within a week

She's toothless but still cute

The neighbor came over to swim and his brother swam into him with goggles on.


Michael the nerd

The girls need this

The kids and I made Pops his own dig for father's day. We hid 5 $10 gift cards to Lowes inside. 

Jaileigh and her fancy earrings

We are trying to find Annie a baptism dress


Annie Lou

What i found in my freezer

Huge sandcrab Jaileigh found at the beach

Our friend made these for the girls for dance

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