Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fitness Times

Work out time.
It was so cold outside that the kids were feeling cooped up. They had so much fun working out in the fitness room at our hotel. They want a running machine at our house so they can run at home. hahahha

Monday, January 30, 2017

Chicago* Breakfast Buffet

One of the kids favorite parts of the trip to Chicago was the morning breakfast buffet.They loved it and were so excited every morning to eat. They ate tons of food too! Anthony ate 3 plates of eggs everyday. Michael would eat an egg, bacon sandwich, a bowl of yogurt with granola and then would finish up with a bowl of fruit loop cereal. The girls and Jakob ate a little of everything too.


Trying a grapefruit for the first time. He ended up squeezing the juice out of it and mixing it with his orange and apple juice. 





Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chicago Gene's & Jude's

The very first thing we did once we were settled in our hotel room in Chicago was to go to Gene's and Jude's hot dog stand. Last time we were in Chicago we all went except Mike. He didn't get one hot dog and he was so disappointed. We made sure he got one or two this time.

Can you tell how cold it is and how excited he is!?


Michael, Jaileigh and Jake

Look at that smile!


There it is.

The boys hanging out the window waiting for their hot dogs.

The famous dog consists of  french fries and a nice crisp dog that snaps when bitten, encased in a soft steamed bun. A little bit of heaven and heartburn on earth

Mikes hot dog with sport peppers.

Is your mouth big enough for that?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Going To Chicago

Mike's mom passed away on the 24th, we booked our tickets on the 25th and flew out on the 28th. The funeral and viewing were scheduled for the 30 and 31st. That gave me very little time to clean my house, find a sitter for Roxy, pack, finish all the laundry, round up winter coats for the kids, get a rental car, hotel, change appointments, let people know we weren't going to be at sporting events or our church jobs nut amazingly it all worked out. Everything clicked smoothly and all the pieces fell into place.

Our flight out to Chicago left at 11:00 pm. The kids were pretty tired but pretty excited to be on the plane again.

They wrote Cubs notes to each other for the first hour. 

The boys row.

Landing in Chicago

Breakfast first and then we took a long nap.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ROP Follow-Ups

The last two of the quads to finish their follow up ROP eye appointments are Jakob and Anthony. Last year Michael graduated, the year before Jaileigh did. This visit Jakob graduated and Anthony has one more year. Basically they have to be followed until their eyes are finished maturing. This usually occurs for all children between the ages of 5 and 8. Anthony's vision has actually reached 20/20 but his blood pressures in his eyes were a little eye so she wants to follow up again in a year just to be cautious because that is a sign of juvenile glaucoma. This same thing happened to Jakob 2 years ago. In little excitement can cause the presssure to be high so I'm not concerned. The kids love their one on one or two by two appointments with mom.

Eye drop time for dilation.

Jakob's turn.

One of our favorite doctors ever! Dr Jennifer Dunbar. She has been with us since the day they were born. We absolutely love her.