Sunday, August 13, 2017


On Saturday before school started, Michael had his 6 month (which was really a yearly because of all the cancellations) asthma and allergy checkup. He is doing amazing! We don't even remember the last time he had to take his inhaler. Everyone once in awhile he'll take an allergy pill or do some nose spray for a couple of weeks but he has been in control this past couple of years. After the appointment I took the 2 kids that came with me to the beach. It was so fun to just have two kids! Much different than having 5!

At the Doctors office. Jaileigh playing with Michael's noseclip

When Mike and I first moved to California in 2016 this shack was here in La Jolla. We looked up the price because it was for sale and it was close to 2 million dollars. It's not for sale anymore but it's still here and in the same exact condition.

My cuties

First we went to La Jolla Shores. It was crazily crowded! We couldn't even find a spot to put our towels down. Jaileigh really wanted to see the seals so we packed up and went to the Cove.

Jaileigh eating her very own bag of Taki's. She said "Mom this is why I always come with you when you go somewhere, you always buy us stuff."


These are birds on a random rock.

La Jolla Cove did not disappoint.Seals everywhere! Oh my goodness, If you haven't been around them, they STINK! 

They were also swimming right with the people


Jaileigh and Michael

That wave almost got us!

With the seal in the background

This was a little baby one swimming around in its own little pool

They were fighting, just like my kids

We don't know what the brand means? I told them it was it's name "Ava" but they said those weren't "A's"

All he wanted to do was go home. Every 5 minutes he would tell me it was time to go. Do you know why? One guess! The Cubs were on in the late afternoon and he didn't want to miss. 

You can see the seals and how close they were.

The seal coming to shore

We went to "linner" at Hennessey's. Michael wanted burgers. The first thing he said when we walked in was, "Mom is this a BAR? Why did you bring us here?" hahahaha he makes me laugh so much. 

There was a fountain that he was fascinated with.

A selfie of the 3 of us.

The burger got a thumbs up from Michael

Jaileigh was happy too

I got the sampler and it was delicious!

I think they were tired!

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