Monday, May 15, 2017

Random Phone Pictures

I love going through my phone photos. I always find some of the best pictures. Not the best quality but the best feels and laughs.

Annie with her teammates. She is right in the middle.

Jaileigh smashed her thumb in the car door and it looks pretty bad. The nail actually ended up falling off and underneath was really damaged. It took about 10 days of swelling before the pressure was relieved. She swam and the water softened the tissue around it and the blood finally started seeping out. She refused to let me lance it.

Roxy makes herself comfortable

My kids have us in the poor house! They go through shoes almost as much as toilet paper.

Annie chopped her luscious locks off. She loves it, I love it. Win, win.

The kids had a dentist appointment. We were there a little early so we had to borrow the bathroom key from the ophthalmologist next door.

Hanging out at the park with the girls and their friends while the boys have baseball practice. We were all sitting in one chair!

The pool was a little chilly!

He is so adorable!

Love this kid!

Oh my heart! My two littles holding hands at nap time.
Jaileigh and Jakob

Watching a baseball game while on a break from a tournament.

The St George Temple Visitors Center. the boys had to give a presentation about visiting a historical landmark and gave it on the visitors center. Thanks Emily for taking them and taking the pictures!

crazy kids waiting for a game

Jaileigh's soccer team

The neighbors birthday party.

We got a possum in the middle of the day!

This is my 6th and most favorite child, Douglas the Roomba. I love him! He always works and never talks back, complains or whines!

Jakey wakey and I

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