Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jr Olympic Finals

Jr Olympics

The day after Memorial Day and Annie's Birthday Michael got hit with the stomach bug. The kids also went to school that day for the Finals of Junior Olympics. Michael was so sick and didn't make it to school. He was really sad because he is such a fast runner.

This was the top 1st grade girls in each race.

Annie running the 50 meter. She has the black shorts on. 

Annie running the 100 meter

Running the 1/4 mile

This was Jakob and Anthony's race. The top 2nd grade boys. Jakob is on the far right in the Cubs shirt and red shoes. I didn't realize that Anthony was running in this race until it was over. He is to the far left.

Anthony is in the middle. Grey shirt and blue shorts.

Jakob and Anthony (grey shirt blue shorts)

The next was the top 2nd grade girls. I believe that Jaileigh took first in all of her races. 
Jaileigh has on the pink sweatshirt and black pants on.

The boys running the 100 m.

Anthony on the end and Jake in the middle

Girls 100 m 

The boys cheering on their sister. 

Michael was sad he couldn't run too but he wasn't feeling well still. 


running the 1/4 mile

Anthony and Jake

Jaileigh running the 1/4 mile

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