Monday, May 29, 2017

Annie's Big Day

Annie's Big Day came and she was so sick but she was such a trooper.

We went down to breakfast at the hotels buffet. This is the one of the kids favorite parts of staying in a motel, the breakfast buffet!
Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael and Jakob

Annie wasn't up for eating or for pictures. 

After we ate we went back upstairs for present time. 

Each of the kids wrapped her a present and decorated a card for her. 


I think she likes the present!

She really, really wanted this Princess Poppy doll. I refused to buy it for her but Grandma and Grandpa spoiled her!

Can you see how excited I am!

oh my goodness!

Mike walked to the local grocery store at 5 in the morning to get her a breakfast birthday cake. 

Ready for a morning swim

After our swim, we headed to the baseball game. 


They have a little baseball park for the kids to play in. The boys loved it!


Jaileigh and Michael running the bases.

Anthony and Michael



Annie stayed by my side.

Jaileigh rolling down the hill.

Annie sitting on the hill watching everyone.

Jake hitting the ball.



Jake again.

Jake on first base,

Jaileigh taking a turn.

They finally let us in to the ball park. We went in to watch the Cubs warm up and to try to get signatures from the players. 

Addison Russell

Basio and another coach

Wade Davis

Justin Grimm, Coach Lester Strode, Strop, Rondon

Jaileigh right on the front line.

Anthony, Michael and Jakob

Addison Russell

Mike watching too

My 5 grown up babies

Pedro Strop

Kyle Schwarber

Ben Zobrist

Albert Almora Jr hit a ball to our left sideline and the ball boy gave it to Annie just because it was her birthday. 

Annie with her Almora ball

Jaileigh trying to climb the wall. I was afraid someone was going to push her over accidentally.

Ben Zobrist signing for everyone but us.

Zobrist leaving.

The kids sad because they got skipped by Zobrist.

Chris Bosio, pitching coach.

Miguel Montero, catcher

Michael trying to get a better view.

Bullpen Coach Lester Strode

Annie's Birthday was on Memorial Day so the uniforms were all patriotic.

Kris Bryant

Ben Zobrist

warming up

Zobrist, Bryant and Schwarber

stretching Schwarber out

The Military presenting the flags

Bryant came and signed 

Ben Zobrist stretching out

Addison Russell

Bryant signed 2 of our balls. Michael had a ball and he signed Annie's Almora ball

Jason Heyward came out to warm up too

Annie was so excited to have her ball signed.

The National Anthem

Kris Bryant signature



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