Friday, May 26, 2017

100 Mile Club

The kids finished the year with a bang in running club. We transferred school at the end of the year and the new school didn't have a running club established. I had to get it started and then they were able to finish the year. The boys all ended up finished with over 200 miles, Jaileigh was at 170 with Annie at 110.





Annie was mad about something and wouldn't smile for the picture

So proud of this kid who ran despite all his asthma and allergy problems. His asthma doctor just shook his head when I told him. He said his lungs were performing way below proficiency and when they actually were working properly this kid would do amazing things.  Not only are his lungs not functioning but his nasal septum and is so swollen he can barely get air through his nose. What a trooper and an example of perseverance through difficult times. 

My grumpy girl runs because of peer pressure and her friends.

The medals were pretty cool

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