Monday, April 10, 2017

Storm Night

This Saturday was so hectic. Annie had a game at 8, Jaileigh had a double header at 10, we had a birthday party at 11 and then we were meeting with the team for Storm Night at 2:00. The storm is the local professional baseball team and all the Pony league got to go the same night. It's always so much fun. We tailgated and played in the parking lot and then went in to the game at 4:30.

Annie playing in the parking lot.

Michael with his friends


Michael, Anthony and Jake



Annie playing bags

Winky, baby Ariel, Annie and Jaileigh

Jake loves this baby so much.

Jakob and Ariel

Annie and Baby Ariel

Jaileigh wanted a turn too.

They love their friend Robert

Mike and assistant Coach Rodney

They got to walk on the field. The girls were able to lead the team with the team sign.

Watching the baseball game and Jake played with his baby.




Michael putting his hat on the loyal White Sox fan

Retaliation . . .

The girls took this picture of Mike



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