Saturday, April 15, 2017

Solvang Dinner & Gelato

We drove down to Solvang for dinner one night. The food is amazing in Solvang. We ate at Chomp and hamburger place. My burger was so delicious! We didn't have any leftovers. Then we walked through the little town, through the farmers market until we found the perfect dessert- real Gelato!

Annie and Michael



He painted his nails manly colors to help him play catcher in baseball. He said it's easier for the pitcher to read his signs.

We had a beauty salon at the campsite.

After dinner relaxation

Good one of Jaileigh

Good one of Annie and Jake's just an all around grouch for pictures.



There's his smile

Eating Gelato! The owner was straight from Italy! Only been in the USA a couple of months.

Running to their daddy!

Wait for me!

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Alexander Perkins said...


My name is Alex Perkins. You probably don't remember, but you were my teacher at Crescent View Middle School in 2003(-ish). I just wanted to quickly say thanks for being an incredible teacher. It may not have shown at the time, since I was a total punk, but you really did have a positive impact on my life. And not just me, I'm still friends with a few other people that were also in your class. Everyone still has such fond and hilarious memories of those times. Thanks again!