Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jaileigh Red Bull Game

This was Jaileigh's last soccer game of the session. The playoffs were this Saturday. She played at 9:30 and they won so they played again at 10:30 and they lost. She was so tired! She ran for 2 hours straight. She had a lot of fun and loved her team and her coach. There was another grandparent there that just loved Jaileigh. She said her daughter played soccer in college and there was a girl that they nicknamed "noodle legs". She said Jaileigh was just like "noodle legs". She has long skinny legs and she is everywhere, she runs all over the place, is the fastest and always gets to the ball. She said she really enjoyed watching Jaileigh run all over and had nicknamed her noodle legs.

End of Game 1

She volunteered to play goalie the 2nd game. I think she missed out on running though.

I love how she puts her hand on her teammates shoulder to talk to him.

End of Game 2

Team Party after

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